Electrical power system quiz for psu

power system 

1.For a detection of the occurrence of the severe synchronizing power surges

(a) impedance relays are best suited   (b) reactance relays are best suited

(c) MHO relays are best suited              (d) split.phase relays are best suited.

2.The protection from negative sequence currents is provided for

(a) transformers           (b) generators

(c) motors                     (d) transmission lines.

3.If the height of the transmission tower is decreased, the capacitance of the line will

(a) increase                     (b) decrease

(c) remain same            (d) decrease exponentially.

4.AC system has the following disadvantages over DC system

(a) skin effect exists              (b) line regulation is more

(c) charging current exists  (d) proximity effect exists

5.The power loss is important for the design of

(a) generator                  (b) motor

(c) feeder  (d) transmission line.

6.The voltage regulation is an important factor for the design of

(a) generator                  (b) motor

(c) feeder                       (d) transmission line.

7.Which of the following parameter can be neglected for a short line?

(a) resistance                 (b) inductance

(c) reactance                 (d) capacitance.

8.Which of the following circuit breaker has high reliability and minimum maintenance?

(a) oil circuit breaker              (b) airblast circuit breaker

(c) vacuum circuit breaker   (d) SF6 circuit breaker.

9.Which of the following insulator will be selected for high voltage application?

(a) strain type               (b) disc type

(c) suspension type     (d) pin type.

10.The strain type insulators used when

(a) the transmission line is dead ended  (b) the direction of transmission line changes

(c) the transmission line is short              (d) (a) or (b).

11.If the capacitance of the transmission line is increased, the transmitted power will

(a) remain same         (b) increase

(c) decrease                  (d) tend to zero at the receiving end.

12.The sag of a transmission line with 50 m span is 1 m. What will be the sag if the height of the transmission line is increased by 20%

(a) 1.2 m (b) 2 m (c) 1.25 m (d) 1 m.

13.Which of the following method may be used to inject reactive power in the transmission line?

(a) series capacitor           (b) shunt capacitor

(c) shunt reactor              (d) voltage regulator.

14.The most common generation voltages in India are

(a) 440 volt, 6.6 KV, 11 KV       (b) 440 volt, 220 volt, 110 volt

(c) 66 KV, 33 KV, 11 KV            (d) 11 KV, 13.2 KV, 18 KV.

15.The most common transmission voltages in India are

(a) 66 KV, 132 KV, 220 KV       (b) 132 KV, 220 KV, 440 KV

(c) 220 KV, 440 KV, 500 KV      (d) 11 KV, 132 KV, 500 KV.

16.The guard wire is firmly connected with

(a) neutral wire                        (b) phase wire

(c) cross arm                             (d) earth wire.

17.The load must not be connected directly on

(a) transmission line              (b) distributor

(c) service mains                    (d) L.T. 220 volt line.

18.The lighting arrester is installed

(a) at the top of the building

(b) at the bottom of the building

(c) away from the building to be protected

(d) in the centre of the building.

answers will update soon……………


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